Family Sponsorship

Show Love. Extend Hope.

Our desire is to see vulnerable, at risk children and their families stay together and embrace hope in all areas of life.

To see this happen, family sponsorships plays a key role. Through the support & prayer of people all over the world and through the visits, training, and encouragement of our staff, families feel valued. It is our hope that they will find true hope and love as they experience God and His family in action.

By sponsoring a family you are committing to upholding a family in your prayers, asking God to do that which is impossible for anyone else to do - to change a heart. Because deep inner change is so desperately needed, this is a vital role for those interested in family sponsorship.

Your funds will go towards providing all of the services that we mention in the "Our Work" section of this website. It is one of the many ways that we are seeking to extend our reach within our community. 


It costs us around US$90 per month per enrolled child to offer all of our services for the child and their caregivers. So if a family has two or three children enrolled, the cost to support this family will increase accordingly.

If you as an individual do not have the means for monthly sponsorship, consider joining in with your family, your office, your church or your small group to share the cost and share the blessing!

However, the amount can be split too - you can contribute US$30 per month, and your contribution will added together with the contributions of two other individuals or groups who have also chosen this option.


            A well and a toilet, which is used by six families.

Many of the families who are available for sponsorship live in houses similar to this one.


If you are interested in sponsoring a family…

…write an e-mail to: and we will send you all the necessary information. Updates and news will be sent to you about the family you choose to sponsor.