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Here are some of the organizations that we partner with regularly:

  • We are a member of the Chab Dai coalition, an umbrella organization committed to excellence in protection, collaboration, participation and transparency.
  • HADA (Health and Development Aid Abroad – Australia Fund Inc.) was set up as a volunteer organization in 1998 with the aim of establishing medical, educational, agricultural and sanitation programmes in countries of need.
  • Rainbows of Hope is a ministry of WEC International to children, youth, and families at risk and in crisis throughout the world, promising them hope through holistic service.
  • World Renew, formerly the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), is the relief and development organization of the Christian Reformed Church. It responds to the needs of people around the world who are suffering from poverty, hunger, disaster, and injustice.


For more information on Cambodia, check out these sources:

  • The CIA World Factbook provides valuable statistics on everything from this nations demographics to its economy.
  • The Joshua Project performs research on all the ethnic groups of the world; you can discover Cambodia's cultural makeup here.
  • Operation World is a great source for those looking to inform themselves on the spiritual and religious climate in Cambodia.

If you're a reader, we recommend digging deep into the history and culture of Cambodia through these books:

  • "We Are Not the Hero" by Jean Johnson
  • "Killing Fields, Living Fields" by Don Cormack

If you're a prayer, look up these excellent guides to interceding for this nation:

  • "Pray for Cambodia," a publication of OMF International
  • "The Peoples of Cambodia," a publication of the Cambodia Research Network