Meet Our Staff

(Pictured above: The BOH leadership in 2016)

Altogether, the Bridge employs 20 local men and women – every social worker, teacher, cook, nurse, guard, and accountant is Cambodian. Our staff is a precious asset; they are regularly enrolled in training seminars and workshops in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh that allow them to sharpen their skills and expand their capabilities.

Our project directors are Jonathan and Heleen Wolters from the Netherlands and they work together with the Cambodian management team in running the Bridge. The Cambodian management team comprises of experienced professionals, all of whom have a detailed knowldge of the needs of the local area and of the Bridge of Hope. Our management team is accountable to WEC Cambodia leadership.

There are also a number expatriates who work in support roles, such as donor relations and checking the accounts. The expatriate staff work on a voluntary basis.