Serving the Caregivers

We believe in engaging with families as whole units, so attention and care are given to the men and women that are responsible for the children. We support them through:

  • Rice Sponsorship - To compensate for the income lost by having their child attend school, a weekly gift of rice is provided for those families that simply cannot afford to lose a source of income.
  • Savings groups - In an effort to improve the financial difficulties of the families, our staff has instituted savings groups with the help of the organization “World Renew.” We have five groups, amongst the community and the staff, that meet regularly. Each member contributes a set amount to the pot at set times; when in need, and as agreed upon by the group, members are allowed to take loans from the pot. Repayment rates are high, as they are effectively borrowing from people within their community.
  • Counselling - Our social workers pay weekly visits to the homes of the families of the Bridge, offering a listening ear and counsel on everything from their child’s education to housing issues, domestic violence to health care.
  • Parenting Meetings - Caregivers come together monthly for support and instruction on topics like conflict resolution, health/nutrition, childhood development, self-care and children’s rights.
  • Document Assistance - Many families do not possess important family documents, such as birth certificates. Without them, their children cannot attend the government school. Through financial assistance and consultation, the Bridge assists these families in obtaining these vital documents.