Serving the Children

Our staff is adapting to the needs of our community as they arise. Currently, our project is providing children with access to:
  • Informal School - Our qualified teachers teach grades 1 to 3 from the government curriculum to over 80 children and teenagers. Generally, at the end of their third year, children are integrated into the government school. English lessons, “catch-up” classes, life skill training, and a football program are some of the ways we keep contact with those kids who have already been integrated.
  • Supplies - Each student receives the necessary school supplies, a backpack, two sets of uniforms, and a pair of shoes. Those children that live further away from the project are given a bicycle to get to school on; often, more than a few children will hitch a ride!
  • Meals - Many children come to school hungry, so two nutritious meals per school day are provided by our cook.
  • Special Classes - Art, crafts, cooking, and dance sessions increase the children’s self-esteem and confidence, giving them a chance for healthy self-expression.
  • Awareness Classes - The children are regularly educated on topics such as health, hygiene, nutrition, and drug awareness. They are also made aware of how to stay safe in their communities, how to confide in an adult, and children’s rights. 
  • Health Services - While at the project, the children have access to our social workers for counselling and our nurse for basic medical care. As needs arise, the children receive de-worming pills, haircuts, dental treatment, etc.
  • Special Trips - From time to time, the children enjoy trips to the Angkor temple complex, swimming pools, and football pitches where they can play together in a safe environment.