About us



WEC Cambodia International    

Is a Christian NGO that started working in Cambodia in 1995. We work in urban and rural settings to empower those who are disadvantaged and lack opportunities to a better life. We believe that the holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) well-being of a person is important. We are a growing team with volunteer workers from 5 continents who possess different skills and work backgrounds . We are committed to work alongside Cambodians towards a common vision to see people and communities being transformed and having hope for the future

Bridge of Hope with WEC Cambodia has a Memoradum of Understanding with the Government of Cambodia and seeks to fulfill this agreement to help children in crisis.     


To  see vulnerable and exploited children (e.g., those who are abused, in child labor, and on the street) and their families overcome their hopelessness and find peace and hope.


To work with children at risk and their families through a holistic ministry including activities that both develop children’s abilities and  potential as well as enable parents in understanding a child’s needs and the parental responsibility to provide for their children instead of exploiting them.