Supporting Children

Supporting children is the primary aim of our project.

  • Informal School - Our qualified teachers provide education from grades 1 to 3 to over 110 children and teenagers with a government-certified curriculum. Generally, at the end of their third year, children are integrated into the government school nearby. English lessons, "catch-up" classes, life skill training, and a football program are some of the ways we keep in contact with those kids who have already been integrated.
  • Supplies - Each student receives the necessary school supplies, a backpack, two sets of uniforms, and a pair of shoes. Those children that live further away from the project are given a bicycle to get to school on.
  • Meals - Many children come to school hungry, so two nutritious meals per school day are provided.
  • Special Class - Children having learning disabilities have their own special class. 2 experienced teachers pay undivided attention to them.
  • Awareness Classes - The children are regularly educated on health, hygiene, nutrition, and drug awareness. We also teach them how to stay safe in their communities, to confide in adult and children's rights.
  • Health Services - While at the project, the children have access to counseling and nursing. As needs arise, they also receive deworming pills, haircuts, dental treatment, medical checks, etc.
  • Special Trips - From time to time, the children enjoy trips to the Angkor temple complex, swimming pools, and football pitches where they can play together.